animal portrait artist

Eddie Prior

About me and my work

A pet portrait is a very personal memento of a treasured pet and is one that will continue to give pleasure for many years to come.

I work from photographs and prefer if possible to take them myself as I can then build up a rapport with the animal, as well as being able to observe their character and the minute details that make them what they are.

Of course, it isn't always possible to do this as the pet might have passed away, in which case I will assist the owner in selecting photographs from their own collection. In these circumstances I am particularly aware of the feelings of the owner and will work hard with them to achieve the best possible outcome.

I can also provide cards or postcards of the finished painting a unique way to contact friends and family.

My preferred medium is pastel because I am able to achieve texture and depth for fur and eyes, so necessary in bringing the portrait to life.

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